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With over 40 years experience in the plastics industry, the team at BCJ Plastics have the knowledge, technology and skills required to deliver your next plastics project, on time, to budget to the highest standard.

Servicing a wide range of industries including the mining, automotive, commercial and domestic sectors on a wide variety of projects from custom design, one off items to high volume, replacement parts, BCJ will work with you to develop or streamline your plastic product requirements.

Case Studies

Project: Sun Lounges

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Introducing our sleek, free standing water safe Sun Lounges.

Designed in conjunction with a client requiring a unique look for the Gym/Wellness area in a brand new Boutique Apartment Complex in the heart of Perth.

The brief was for a durable design that would be exposed to the elements, sitting in water and complimenting the modern style of the Complex.

The Sun Lounge is made of white 20mm Acrylic, thermo moulded and fabricated with support struts and threaded fixings with an overall weight of 55 kilograms which helps it sit firmly in the pool and is not easily knocked over.

The Sun Lounge can be personally viewed at our factory in Kewdale, Western Australia.


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Project: PVC Fume Cabinets

Thursday, August 03, 2017

PVC Fume cabinets for chemicals and gas, lockable to be used for chemical storage.

Made from 12mm Grey PVC and Polycarbonate Doors with Stainless steel hinges and lockable doors.

These where made for Leicon Notley.


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Project: Lego Blocks

Thursday, March 23, 2017

BCJ Plastics was engaged by Mulford Plastics to deliver these giant Lego blocks and Tractor parts for a playground in Golden Bay, Peel region.

20mm thick HDPE was used to create these colourful structures.

Tim Hartung's guidance converted this project from design to reality.  The top of the blocks were machined to form an anti-slip checker plate, which was designed and machined in house.  Ryan Cornthwaite fabricated machined panels into these unique structures with the use of extrusion welding and mechanical fixings.

Requirements: Lego Blocks
Manufacturing: CNC & Fabricate
Materials: 20mm HDPE

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Project: BGC Roof Fitout - 28 The Esplanade

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

BCJ Plastic Products were approached by BGC Building and Construction to Blow 115 Shinkolite 6mm Acrylic Grey domes to be blown out of 2.4 x 2.4 mt sheets all to the same height which is no easy feat these were to replace the existing ones that were 35 years old

This material had to made in Japan and shipped over in a container the reason for using Shinkolite L it has significantly better thermoforming than conventional glass cell cast sheet and can be formed to greater detail at shorter cycle time. The light transmission for this material is about 15% and heat cut ratio close to 58% so very well suited for this particular job as you will see by the photos of the installed job.

Laboratory test shows the temperature is decreased around 10 degree’s Celsius at 45 degree’s Celsius with this particular material. It has excellent weatherabilty with little discoloration and decrease in strength from sunlight ,wind and weather

Requirements: 2.4m Roof Domes
Manufacturing: Blow Mould
Materials: Shinkolite 6mm Acrylic

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Project: BCJ Launches largest plane from new building

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Always willing to try anything that a client requests and this one was a little out of the box for us but Tim Hartung and Patrick Bacskia put their heads together came up with a design for a client that was wanting to put a space ship as a display on his property.

The top of the space ship was blow moulded being probably the biggest these boys have ever had to blow with the middle part of the ship being drape moulded as you can see by the picture then it became the herculean task for Pat to put together.

Coming in at 4mt tall and 1.6mt wide made out of 6mm acrylic.

When client picked up he was "over the moon" with it.

Requirements: Custom Rocket Ship
Manufacturing: Blow and Drape Mould
Materials: Acrylic

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Project: Perth Football Club Players Shelter

Friday, June 19, 2015

BCJ Plastic Products were approached by the Perth Football Club to come up with a players under cover area for them to sit when off the football field resting so they are out of the weather elements.

This structure had to be mobile also as the structure will be moved to another part of the ground when the West Coast Eagles shift to this oval for training in the near future.

The frame made out of steel and then powder coated to stop any corrosion. Acrylic grey tint was bent to the shape of the frame so it could then be fixed into the glazing bar. Using the acrylic grey tint the added bonus was that it took a lot of the glare out as well.

Marty Atkins, Chief Executive Officer of the Perth Football Club, said he would have trouble getting his players 'off the bench' now the new covers were in place.

Requirements: Structurally sound, waterproof, electrically isolated
Manufacturing: Custom frame and Acrylic
Materials: Acrylic grey tint
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Project: O'Hanlon Electric Motorsports - Voltron Evo

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The O'Hanlon Electric Motorsports entry for the 2014 eFX Championship is The 'Voltron Evo' is a 184 horsepower, 260 km/h, all-electric superbike. It's the 2014 eFX Championship entry from O'Hanlon Electric Motorsports.

At the heart of formidable machine is the battery - an 85 kg, 700 volt, 9 kWh lithium ion pack capable of delivering enough power to run a small household for a day. Such a battery needs to be enclosed within a structurally sound, waterproof and electrically isolated enclosure. BCJ Plastics were able to use CNC routing and precision machining to ensure the battery pack was dimensionally accurate and structurally rigid. Made from clear polycarbonate (Lexan) the pack is insulated, flame retardant and crash resistant.

Requirements: Structurally sound, waterproof, electrically isolated
Manufacturing: Routing and Precision machining
Materials: clear polycarbonate (Lexan)
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Project: Sculptures By The Sea Acrylic Cover

Thursday, March 13, 2014

This acrylic cover was designed in partnership with local artist Kasane Low to protect and enhance her project exhibited at Cottesloe Beach for the Sculptures by the Sea art exhibition.

Due to the beach setting , extreme heat , wind and sand being the major factors to be considered . The cover was curved to prevent potential sagging on the top surface due to sand build up or excessive rainfall, the acrylic is UV stabilized and treated with an antistatic cleanser before installation. Spiggots are attached with nylon nuts and bolts as opposed to metal to alleviate any cracking due to expansion and contraction caused by temperature change. Over the next 3 weeks over 220,000 spectator's will walk past this exhibit and see this magnificent piece of art.

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Manufacture of front and rear door skins, bumpers & front header boards for Trade Ute motor bodies. These items are then added to the ally frame and metal fabricated body section.

Requirements:  Light Weight & Robust
Manufacturing: Vacuum Moulded for high volume production
Materials:   (Specially engineered plastic for this application)
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Bull Motor Pics 5 - Customize Motor Body Builders PerthBull Motor Pics 6 - Customize Motor Body Builders Perth
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Project: Custom Build Research and Development

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Overview:Ability to work with our Customers in manufacturing 1 off"s or production projects.


Requirements: Brief Note Customer Required a fast solution to manufacture clear covers for a 1 off experimental engine display, for Automotive trade show in China
Manufacturing: Brief Note 5 Axis machining of mould & Vacuum forming
Materials: Brief Note Clear PETG (Vivac/Vipet)


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