Customer Projects

BCJ Launches largest plane from new building

by Kim Green - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Always willing to try anything that a client requests and this one was a little out of the box for us but Tim Hartung and Patrick Bacskia put their heads together came up with a design for a client that was wanting to put a space ship as a display on his property.

The top of the space ship was blow moulded being probably the biggest these boys have ever had to blow with the middle part of the ship being drape moulded as you can see by the picture then it became the herculean task for Pat to put together.

Coming in at 4mt tall and 1.6mt wide made out of 6mm acrylic.

When client picked up he was "over the moon" with it.

Requirements: Custom Rocket Ship
Manufacturing: Blow and Drape Mould
Materials: Acrylic