Customer Projects

BGC Roof Fitout - 28 The Esplanade

by Todd Sainsbury - Wednesday, July 13, 2016

BCJ Plastic Products were approached by BGC Building and Construction to Blow 115 Shinkolite 6mm Acrylic Grey domes to be blown out of 2.4 x 2.4 mt sheets all to the same height which is no easy feat these were to replace the existing ones that were 35 years old

This material had to made in Japan and shipped over in a container the reason for using Shinkolite L it has significantly better thermoforming than conventional glass cell cast sheet and can be formed to greater detail at shorter cycle time. The light transmission for this material is about 15% and heat cut ratio close to 58% so very well suited for this particular job as you will see by the photos of the installed job.

Laboratory test shows the temperature is decreased around 10 degree’s Celsius at 45 degree’s Celsius with this particular material. It has excellent weatherabilty with little discoloration and decrease in strength from sunlight ,wind and weather

Requirements: 2.4m Roof Domes
Manufacturing: Blow Mould
Materials: Shinkolite 6mm Acrylic