Customer Projects

Perth Football Club Players Shelter

by Kim Green - Friday, June 19, 2015

BCJ Plastic Products were approached by the Perth Football Club to come up with a players under cover area for them to sit when off the football field resting so they are out of the weather elements.

This structure had to be mobile also as the structure will be moved to another part of the ground when the West Coast Eagles shift to this oval for training in the near future.

The frame made out of steel and then powder coated to stop any corrosion. Acrylic grey tint was bent to the shape of the frame so it could then be fixed into the glazing bar. Using the acrylic grey tint the added bonus was that it took a lot of the glare out as well.

Marty Atkins, Chief Executive Officer of the Perth Football Club, said he would have trouble getting his players 'off the bench' now the new covers were in place.

Requirements: Structurally sound, waterproof, electrically isolated
Manufacturing: Custom frame and Acrylic
Materials: Acrylic grey tint