Customer Projects

O'Hanlon Electric Motorsports - Voltron Evo

by Kim Green - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The O'Hanlon Electric Motorsports entry for the 2014 eFX Championship is The 'Voltron Evo' is a 184 horsepower, 260 km/h, all-electric superbike. It's the 2014 eFX Championship entry from O'Hanlon Electric Motorsports.

At the heart of formidable machine is the battery - an 85 kg, 700 volt, 9 kWh lithium ion pack capable of delivering enough power to run a small household for a day. Such a battery needs to be enclosed within a structurally sound, waterproof and electrically isolated enclosure. BCJ Plastics were able to use CNC routing and precision machining to ensure the battery pack was dimensionally accurate and structurally rigid. Made from clear polycarbonate (Lexan) the pack is insulated, flame retardant and crash resistant.

Requirements: Structurally sound, waterproof, electrically isolated
Manufacturing: Routing and Precision machining
Materials: clear polycarbonate (Lexan)