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BCJ Plastic Products has been manufacturing since the early 1970’s. With the vast experience of our team and their combined knowledge of over many years. We can offer a unique service to provide you with the best outcome to suit your requirements.

Moving with the times, BCJ Plastic Products has moved from basic fabrication and thermoforming techniques to the state of the art CNC Axis routing machines with  3 and 5 axis machines inhouse. This, combined with one of the largest thermoforming machines in WA, allows us to deliver a huge range of products for our many and varied clients.

Over the years BCJ Plastic Products has fostered good working relationships with new and existing customers, developing new and improving old products.

BCJ have a design service or can work with a clients design team to achieve the product desired. With material and products improving everyday BCJ Plastics is looking to further it’s commitment to local, national & international clients.

The BCJ Team

BCJ Plastic Products depends on it's team as a whole from the front desk to the janitor (AKA the MD). Our innovative and inclusive culture, can do attitude and creative thinking allows us to provide quality, timely and innovative products for our customers.

Here are a few of our Key Team Members.

Kim Green

Managing Director

Tim Hartung

Sales & Research Manager

Tim is BCJ Plastics long serving  highly professional manager of over 30 years , enthusiastically providing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the plastics industry to our customers.

A cornerstone of the business,Tim is well known and respected among his contemporary's and colleges and can assist you from an idea,sketch or architectural drawing to research and develop the product you need .

Tim excels in the technical aspects of product development such as the appropriate material to use ,uv stabilisation ,fire rating,expansion and shrinkage, mouldability, strength and availability of product and awaits your enquiry

Why choose BCJ Plastic Products

With over 40 years experience in the plastic products manufacturing game, BCJ's helpful team has not only the skills but have gained the knowledge, through experience, from a wide range of industries including mining and automotive across domestic and commercial sectors.

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